We were at Cantigny Gardens on a playdate with friends last fall and I thought these pictures of Elizabeth were particularly nice.  Her mom said it was okay to share them, so here they are.

I love the composition of this first shot, which could perhaps have been enhance by cropping slightly, but I left the photo as it was.  I love the texture of the wood bridge, the front arches that guide the eye, and the rear unfocused railing.  I love the tiny spray of purple flowers, and of course the perfection of the little hand on the railing and the cherubic face peeking through with the sun highlighting that beautiful blue eye.

I love the wistful feel of this shot as she gazes into the distance with her little hand on the metal fence; moored to the present, yet with one leg forward as if to follow the person ahead of her; the colorful field of gold and the way the smattering of pink flowers match her shirt and form a pathway, of sorts, into the unknown.