Detholz! Jukebox of the Dead IX

So my friends the Detholz! are having another Halloween concert, during which they play very, very Detholz! renditions of once popular songs, like “We Built This City,” by Jefferson Starship, “Do You Believe In Life After Love,” by Cher, and “Faith,” by George Michaels.  They have also done splendid versions of “Sultans of Swing,” by  Dire Straits and, my very favoritest of all, ever ever ever, “Ring of Fire,” by Johnny Cash.  You have not heard that song until you have heard the Detholz! version.

Anyhoo, they’re doing this blogroll contest thing and giving out free stuff (NEW Detholz! CD–“You: the Power of You”), so I figured why not get in on the action?  Plus this seemed like a great opportunity for a debut presentation of the poster I made for their poster contest a few years back that has not yet seen the light of day.   It’s getting published after all!

So go to the Jukebox of the Dead IX show.  You’ll be glad you did.  The Detholz! do a lot of things–they’re pretty crazy guys–but one thing they do NOT do is disappoint.