Finally, an update!

After a whole month of the potty picture (sorry about that.  It’s cute, but not THAT cute.) I’m finally updating my page.  Here’s something even cuter to look at for the next month or so.  ;o)  Just kidding, hopefully.

Will & Allie climb the changing table

I heard giggling coming from the kids’ room (which could either be a really good or really bad thing), so I peeked in and saw them sitting together on the changing table, which they had scaled on their own.   Allie has been doing that for months, but this is a new thing for Will.  It’s so nice to see their cooperative twinness at work as they climb everything in sight, together, while Mommy is safely out of the room.  <:oX

Step 2: Getting down.

And then comes the next step… getting down.  Will does not actually dive from the table, as he appears about to do.  Mommy intercepted him.  They do that just to make my pulse race.  It’s this mini-aerobic workout system we’re perfecting.   I’m not a fan of the program, but they must think it’s working, since they keep giving me those heart-stopping moments.

My friends Al and Tam gave me a magnet that says, “Kids keep you young, but first they make you old.”  I think that pretty much sums it up.