3/22/08 Sears Photo Shoot

Mark didn’t have to work on Good Friday, so I scheduled an appointment at Sears portrait studio to get a family shot and a nice picture of the kids together. We had been talking about doing this for weeks now, maybe even months, so I’m glad we were finally able to get ‘er done.  The pictures turned out pretty well, and there wasn’t even much screaming involved.  (You know how moody those crazy photographers can be…)  anyway, here they are:

s41172cc110617_2w.jpg s41172cc110617_3w.jpg

There are the family shots, with Will and Allie in their Mickey and Minnie Mouse outfits that they got for Christmas from our friends the Shoquists in California.

(I had taken a picture of them in their new outfits when they arrived in December, and here’s what I got:


Perhaps you can see why I wanted to try for something a bit less glum.)

Back to the Sears shoot for the shots of Will and Allie together:

s41172cc110617_5w.jpg s41172cc110617_6w.jpg s41172cc110617_7w.jpg s41172cc110617_8w.jpg

Here the children model what their father calls their “jailbird outfits,” which were also Christmas presents, after a fashion… they were purchased with a Gap gift card from my Aunt Janet and Uncle Gary, so I got a shopping excursion out of the deal, as well.

I don’t understand why it is so hard for me to get shots of the kids together, smiling, when some lady at Sears can do it by tickling their tummies with a teddy bear.  It just doesn’t work for me.  Somebody’s crawling off before I even have a chance to set up the shot.  Even if I manage to get both of them to sit there I rarely get them both to look at me at the same time; much less smile.  Perhaps it will get easier as they get older?

I’ll keep telling myself that, anyway.