Spring forward

As winter cold around me looms
My thoughts return to bright spring blooms.

John 14:26

We are precipitously perched at the brink of the icy abyss, staring sadly into winter’s gaping maw.  Overnight temps have plunged into the thirties, creeping ever closer to freezing.  I have rescued all of the potted plants from my deck that will fit comfortably in our house.  The rest are covered for the night, until I figure out if any more can be saved.  As I huddle in my fully zipped sweatshirt with my hood up, wondering if I could possibly type with my hands pulled into my sleeves (no, not really), I am already looking forward to our annual spring visit to Lilacia Park in Lombard to see the beautiful daffodils, tulips, azaleas, and lilacs.  While I bundle up and wait, here are a few pictures from this year’s visit.

ING_8153 Tulip

IMG_8148 Lilacs

IMG_8139 Lilacs

IMG_8155 Tulip

IMG_8026 Azalea

IMG_8088 Lilacs

IMG_8133 Pansies

IMG_8146 Tulips

IMG_8152 Tulip

All photos copyright c e stevens 2017